Curious how often this happens.

This happened recently to me and when I explained to my lesbian boss how her client made me uncomfortable she dismissed it since “he’s such a nice guy”, et cetera. Doesn’t matter how nice someone is, they can be an inherently good person, but that doesn’t mean what they are doing/saying isn’t sexist. Oh, btw, if he was such fucking nice guy he would’ve backed the fuck off.

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I was speaking with a Black friend of mine earlier today about this and he brought up a great point. The Elite, White media can literally stir an entire Nation into a frenzy over the massacre of 20 suburban white children but simply overlook the deaths of over 100 Black children in Chicago. Wake up Black People, you re being played by the Government and the Media. All children should be equal in the eyes of our Government.


“They don’t give a fuck about us” - Tupac Shakur

We talked about this in my history class last week. The media is absolutely absurd. 

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I hate the phrase “boys will be boys” and I think it should be replaced with “bad parenting results in assholes”

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source 1; source 2; source 3; source 4; source 5


Stop what you are doing.

Read those.

Right now.

I’ll wait.

If you don’t want to read, I’ll explain the key bullet points, but please read them afterwords:

This is not “we didn’t protect him enough.”

This is not “the government screwed up some random detail or accidentally let his killer loose.”

The 111th Military Intelligence had a team taking pictures of his balcony during the assassination.

They brought in a Special Forces 8-Man Sniper Team from the 20th.

Memphis Police withdrew their regular protection detail from him.

A jury of 12 people, six black and six white, found the United States Government guilty of conspiracy to commit murder.


MLK was ASSASSINATED. By a government YOU PAY FOR.

I hate those posts where someone tries to pressure you into reblogging. I almost never ask you to reblog.

This shit is important.

Reblog this. I don’t care what kind of blog you have. I don’t care what you normally talk about.

Reblog this.

The FBI, CIA, etc. don’t exist to protect you.

They exist to protect the government FROM you.

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Chelsea Welch, the US waitress who was fired after she posted a picture of a tip receipt on Reddit, wrote for us:

I was a waitress at Applebee’s restaurant in Saint Louis. I was fired Wednesday for posting a picture on Reddit.com of a note a customer left on a bill. I posted it on the web as a light-hearted joke.

This didn’t even happen at my table. The note was left for another server, who allowed me to take a picture of it at the end of the night.

Someone had scribbled on the receipt, “I give God 10%. Why do you get 18?”

I assumed the customer’s signature was illegible, but I quickly started receiving messages containing Facebook profile links and websites, asking me to confirm the identity of the customer. I refused to confirm any of them, and all were incorrect.

I worked with the Reddit moderators to remove any personal information. I wanted to protect the identity of both my fellow server and the customer. I had no intention of starting a witch-hunt or hurting anyone.

Now I’ve been fired.

The person who wrote the note came across an article about it, called the Applebee’s location, and demanded everyone be fired — me, the server who allowed me to take the picture, the manager on duty at the time, the manager not on duty at the time, everyone. It seems I was fired not because Applebee’s was represented poorly, not because I did anything illegal or against company policy, but because I embarrassed this person.

In light of the situation, I would like to make a statement on behalf of wait staff everywhere: We make $3.50 an hour. Most of my paychecks are less than pocket change because I have to pay taxes on the tips I make.

After sharing my tips with hosts, bussers, and bartenders, I make less than $9 an hour on average, before taxes. I am expected to skip bathroom breaks if we are busy. I go hungry all day if I have several busy tables to work. I am expected to work until 1:30am and then come in again at 10:30am to open the restaurant.

I have worked 12-hour double shifts without a chance to even sit down. I am expected to portray a canned personality that has been found to be least offensive to the greatest amount of people. And I am expected to do all of this, every day, and receive change, or even nothing, in return. After all that, I can be fired for “embarrassing” someone, who directly insults his or her server on religious grounds.

In this economy, $3.50 an hour doesn’t cut it. I can’t pay half my bills. Like many, I would love to see a reasonable, non-tip-dependent wage system for service workers like they have in other countries. But the system being flawed is not an excuse for not paying for services rendered.

I need tips to pay my bills. All waiters do. We spend an hour or more of our time befriending you, making you laugh, getting to know you, and making your dining experience the best it can be. We work hard. We care. We deserve to be paid for that.

I am trying to stand up for all of us who work for just a few dollars an hour at places like Applebee’s. Whether a chain steakhouse or a black-tie establishment, tipping is not optional. It is how we get paid.

I posted a picture to make people laugh, but now I want to make a serious point: Things like this happen to servers all the time. People seem to think that the easiest way to save money on a night out is to skip the tip.

I can’t understand why I was fired over this. I was well liked and respected at Applebee’s. My sales were high, my managers had no problems with me, and I was even hoping to move up to management soon. When I posted this, I didn’t represent Applebee’s in a bad light. In fact, I didn’t represent them at all.

I did my best to protect the identity of all parties involved. I didn’t break any specific guidelines in the company handbook – I checked. But because this person got embarrassed that their selfishness was made public, Applebee’s has made it clear that they would rather lose a dedicated employee than an angry customer. That’s a policy I can’t understand.

I am equally baffled about how a religious tithe is in any way related to paying for services at a restaurant. I can understand why someone could be upset with an automatic gratuity. However, it’s a plainly stated Applebee’s policy that a tip is added automatically for parties over eight like the one this customer was part of. I cannot control that kind of tip; it’s done by the computer that the orders are put into. I’ve been stiffed on tips before, but this is the first time I’ve seen the “Big Man” used as reasoning.

Obviously the person who wrote this note wanted it seen by someone. It’s strange that now that the audience is wider than just the server, the person is ashamed.

I have no agenda here. I seek no revenge against the note writer. I have no interest in exposing their identity, and, at this point, I’m not even sure I want my job back. I was just trying to make a joke, but I came home unemployed.

I’ve been waiting tables to save up some money so I could finally go to college, so I could get an education that would qualify me for a job that doesn’t force me to sell my personality for pocket change.

I often worry that my real job as a server is to encourage, reward, and reinforce classism. The fact is that almost all wait staff in the United States make minimum wage or less, never receive breaks of any kind, and are constantly mistreated by their customers. If people had any idea how often we are expected to smile politely while some entitled, overly moneyed asshole treats us like garage maybe I would hear less griping about tips. If you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to eat out.  

Reblog, because I’m a server.  #solidarity

Reblogging myself for #solidarity. I work at a very similar restaurant in St. Louis. Most of my friends are servers and yeaaaaaahhhhh….how they are treated and viewed as can be deplorable at times. Server’s often get pamphlets about God in lieu of tips where I work.

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this fits in everything. so guys, read it.

This is great and all but some opinions are legitimately harmful and the people who hold those opinions have a propensity to start wars too. They also contribute greatly to societal inequity in terms of racism, sexism, etc. You have the right to an opinion but that doesn’t protect you from other people challenging that opinion, and if your beliefs are harmful to others then you lose the moral high ground.

What’s funny about this particular line of logic is that people usually trot it out when they can’t mount an adequate defense for the opinions in question. If you really believe in something, you should be prepared to defend your reasons why. Obviously not over trivial bullshit like what kind of media you prefer, but for important issues, including those that underly said media, you had better damn well be ready to actually discuss the issue instead of saying “I have a right to an opinion” as if that somehow protects you against the voices of people who are legitimately hurt by that opinion and the actions of people who hold it and have held it in the past.

You can have an opinion but the fact remains that people only say this to avoid actually having to defend the opinion in question, and this logic does not apply to every subject. I don’t give a fuck if you have a different view on a celebrity than I do, but if you’re trying to trivialize the harmful things said celebrity has done and then defend yourself by saying, “I have a right to an opinion,” then fuck you. I have every right to call out your opinion as horseshit. The same applies if you are defending a problematic belief system or piece of text or anything else that can and does negatively affect people in everyday life.

Excellent take-down is excellent. Opinions are based on (perceived) facts. If your facts or perception thereof is incorrect, then so are your opinions. Opinions can be wrong. We aren’t talking about stupid shit like celebrities and pop music, we are talking about everything else. And wrong opinions CAN BE HARMFUL.

Not only can opinions can be wrong, but if they are wrong, expect to be called out on it. Not only is hiding behind “well it’s just my opinion!” a shoddy excuse when you fail to back up your shitty premise, it’s a complete refusal to examine the facts because you are too beholden to your personal emotional map on the subject. Talk about myopic and self-centered!

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A man stopped by the Applebees that fired that waitress for posting the receipt from a pastor who didn’t want to give her a tip. This was the letter he left. It reads: 

Dear Applebee’s:

Let me cut to the chase: I find your termination of Ms. Chelsea Welch (an otherwise excellent and hard working employee) downright deplorable and appalling. As far as I’m concerned, she did absolutely NOTHING “wrong” when posting the image of that receipt with that insulting comment made by the customer Pastor Alois Bell.

First off, there was absolutely nothing mentioned in the employee handbook admonishing this kind of behavior, but more importantly (if you wish to argue otherwise) just how much “personal information” could have possibly been divulged to the public just by the customer’s signature? NOWHERE was the customer’s full name, credit card information, address or even YOUR restaurant’s name indicated on the photograph of that receipt which is far more incriminating and potentially damaging information than just a signature alone.

How is a mere signature going to help a criminal commit an act of identity theft? Local health inspectors and fire/safety inspectors have their signatures prominently displayed on certificates posted publicly by restaurants like yours… can THEY complain that you publicly displayed their “private information”?

As far as I’m concerned the only “damage” done was to the pastor’s shallow and “precious” ego. Nothing more, nothing less. She could’ve have simply ignored the post, not said anything and just went on with her cheap and inconsiderate, stingy ways. No one would’ve been the wiser. But no. She HAD to complain to the manager and have an otherwise fantastic employee fired simply because she was embarrassed.

Ms. Welch did absolutely NOTHING to publicly embarrass/humiliate her…. MS. BELL DID. And cared more about her ego than actually righting a wrong and offering to not only fairly tip what was rightfully due to Ms. Welch, but fight to get her re-hired. Ms. Alois Bell, the pathetic excuse of a human being she is, did absolutely NONE of that… and YOUR company has the NERVE to stand by her side???

As a part time pizza delivery driver myself, I KNOW first hand what its like to work for a less than minimum wage depending almost entirely on tips just to pay basic necessities such as food and rent. Yeah, I get the “average” principle and try not to take the occasional stuff so seriously, however, on some really bad days when I have runs that I have to drive far, using MY personal vehicle and MY personal gas, and get nothing, its not only very frustrating but completely unfair that I get taxed at federal minimum wage rate when [I’m] actually making LESS in that hour delivering to these inconsiderate customers who have no clue as to what SERVICE is all about. Essentially getting taxed on money that I’m NOT making. And THIS is what your company CONDONES and is PROUD OF?!?!?!

Long story short: I have come to your Easy Brunswick/Milltown restaurant NOT to order anything…but to simply use the restroom, get my complimentary water with lemon and just LEAVE but not without generously tipping your server for doing nothing more than bringing me menus and water.

Furthermore I promised the server that should this letter appear online and go viral, that I’ll be returning to the store and DOUBLING his/her tip. And since he/she has my full permission and consent to post this letter online with MY NAME and signature fully visible, there isn’t ANYTHING that you can do about it.

Yours very sincerely and respectfully,

A now FORMER customer of yours,

Michael T. Zybura (attached $10)


Well, let’s make this thing go viral then.  :)

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Let’s make this shit go viral♫ 

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"Teachers are often unaware of the gender distribution of talk in their classrooms. They usually consider that they give equal amounts of attention to girls and boys, and it is only when they make a tape recording that they realize that boys are dominating the interactions.

Dale Spender, an Australian feminist who has been a strong advocate of female rights in this area, noted that teachers who tried to restore the balance by deliberately ‘favouring’ the girls were astounded to find that despite their efforts they continued to devote more time to the boys in their classrooms. Another study reported that a male science teacher who managed to create an atmosphere in which girls and boys contributed more equally to discussion felt that he was devoting 90 per cent of his attention to the girls. And so did his male pupils. They complained vociferously that the girls were getting too much talking time.

In other public contexts, too, such as seminars and debates, when women and men are deliberately given an equal amount of the highly valued talking time, there is often a perception that they are getting more than their fair share. Dale Spender explains this as follows:

The talkativeness of women has been gauged in comparison not with men but with silence. Women have not been judged on the grounds of whether they talk more than men, but of whether they talk more than silent women.

In other words, if women talk at all, this may be perceived as ‘too much’ by men who expect them to provide a silent, decorative background in many social contexts. This may sound outrageous, but think about how you react when precocious children dominate the talk at an adult party. As women begin to make inroads into formerly ‘male’ domains such as business and professional contexts, we should not be surprised to find that their contributions are not always perceived positively or even accurately."


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Fuck this fucking fuckery.

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This is taking a lot of courage for me to post.

For as long as I can remember, I have always looked at myself with disgust. Even when I was a little girl, even before kindergarten, I can remember wondering why God had to make me different from everyone else. This question has haunted me my entire life, from elementary school all the way to college. People always looked at me differently, and thought of me differently, whether they wanted to admit it to themselves or not, and the older I got, the looks got worse, the comments, the fat jokes, the whispers, and with all of this compounding on me at a time when my hormones were all out of whack and all I wanted was for 1 guy to notice me, my self esteem was at an all time low, and my self criticism was at an all time high. It got so bad, I resulted to self harm to cope. I was so depressed, and loathed myself so much, that I didnt even try to hide the self harm after awhile. Hell, there were a few times I even sat in class and cut myself in front of everyone.

Things continued this way on into high school, even on into my senior year, but I retreated into myself and didnt talk to anyone about it. I hid the cuts and scars. Even graduation day, I was worried that my dress would come up and expose the fresh slices on my thighs from the night before. I hated my life, every last thing about it. I hated myself, from the person I had become to the person I saw in the mirror. I absolutely hated me, and hated being in my own skin.

But then things started to change once I was out of school. The longer I was away from the immature, judgmental people I had become accustomed to, my image of myself began to change. Slowly but surely, it began to change.

While I still have my “down on myself” days, most days I can look at my reflection in the mirror and smile back at what I see. I am proud of the person I have become, I have grown in so many ways, and have finally, after 19 years, learned to love myself in spite of a society that rejected and continues to reject me, and those like me. It is so sad to me that the majority of the people in this world would rather judge me by a number on a scale, or a clothing size, rather than my character, my mind, or what I can contribute to the world. 

While I cannot change the mentality of the world I live in, I can start with myself. I have learned to love myself, and that is a gift more precious than all the riches in the world. It took this long for me to realize that God did make me different, but for good reason. I was never meant to blend into the crowd. I am meant to shine. 

I made it, through all the hurt, through all the tears.

And I wouldnt trade being me for anything.

That is all.



:) x 8

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that last sentence has gotten a million comments,but that’s the entire point to the poem. You fall in love with the feeling of being wanted, you fall in love with the places you visit, the routine, and mostly you fall in love with being comfortable. You are there because you want to be able to love that person, but you can’t force yourself, and you won’t. 

Too many people mistake those feelings with being “in love”. I counted myself among them more times than I’d care to remember. But loving things and feelings and memories etc. doesn’t mean you have to be in love with the person.

I think it has to do with the subtle dehumanization that’s being advanced in society (which is a function of the Profit Motive and the Idea of Value). People aren’t people anymore; they are a “demographic”, an “object of desire”, etc. It’s so pervasive ad subtle that we assume that the things that we enjoy or dislike about a person actually ARE the person. We don’t connect with people, we connect with qualities. With descriptors.

If only more people recognized that. Well written and deeper than first blush would expect it to be.

(Sorry for the tl;dr. Just wanted to make a point)

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